The cyberwolf is coming

Perhaps the reader of this page knows that this honest cyberpunk warrior who writes has a freedom digital fighting oriign. Because of this I (almost) only use free operating systems, I prefer free and well-encrypted communications, and likewise I encrypt all my devices including mobile phones, sometimes because it seems reasonable to me, sometimes because it seems fun to me.

Since I transitioned, I thought it was already limiting my relationships enough, so I get a normal accessory phone, with Android, WhatsApp and modern functionalities common among Western people, I even have an Instagram account! This entire experience is in itself worthy of analysis, but it is not today's topic. No, today I come to talk about the government and its alerts.

This cyberpunk 2M23 marvel has obviously not reached any of my Linux systems. Its operation is not a secret, we know perfectly well that it is sent indiscriminately from the antennas, and the version on our phone shows it to us as it sees fit. In this case, with that intrusive image accompanied by an audible alarm.

It caught me taking a shower, but I don't want to imagine whoever he caught taking a nap or trying to enjoy a sexual act, or anything else. It's really intrusive, but hey, it's an alarm for an important danger, right?

Well, I know that the weather cannot be predicted one hundred percent, but today's rain was not even remotely exceptional. Just last year I drove under a much more powerful one that caused drivers to stop their vehicles on both sides of the road. This didn't even seem like it, really.

I have already seen paranoid individual agents start talking about government monitoring tests. I don't need to resort to paranoia, I can simply think that they are idiots, and that they sometimes sins from a lack of caution or from an unjustified excess beyond feeling a certain guarantee of avoiding a huge traffic jam on one of the most important days of the return operation.

Whether it is idiocy or not, what cannot be done is to use a means as intrusive as these alarms to generate an unjustified sense of danger. Because the citizen will swallow it once or twice, but the third time he will say "here are these again making the disclaimer, if something happens I will wash my hands because I already warned." Because what happens when you say “the cyberwolf is coming” too many times is this: