My first tenth edition game

Yesterday I met with my friend, “Variable” to have some warhammer play. We only wanted to have some fun for the saturday’s afternoon, so we proceed. And we had at hand the space marines a tyranids index, so we found appropiate to began playing, without any aspiration.

I feel we claimed attention playing an edition wich is not point coist available. Well, we weren’t going to be in the national TV news, but we want to prepare ourselves step by step, taking the vibes of the new game, so we could face or future games with the right foot.

Without the points cost, any tactical or balance observation would be to speculate. We were interested in mechanics, datasheets and general rules.

Anyway we had a bit bludgeoning feeling. Whis edition is supossed to foment control of the table and less savage killing of the oponent, so we have this big strength/resistance change. But we have some powerful “+1 to wound” (chaplains, storm speeder hailstrike, “lance” skill) and the omnipresent “Oath of the moment”. Screamer Killers were very lethal too in close combat.

Remaining on my negative feelings, the psychic unit aportetion looked poorly expresive. Works like some general shoots and skills over the unit or aura with little rival interaction.

In the most positive feeling, moral looked very funny. You can really change the flux of the game with sock tests, and you should not minusvalorate the importance of stratagem denial.

For example, if a screamer killer fires their plasma on a unit, it has to check, and if it fails, it would not use thinks like “Counter offensive, “Heroic intervention”, or any that allows to fight on death. I don’t know if this situation is goint to be relevant over thenth edition, because anyway there are ways to avoid moral effects… and you can always use de command re-roll, but I think it is really funny, tematic and interesant.

I think the fearfull psychic would be better if it was merged with this mechanics.

Anyway, I have taken the bait. I want to play further, and see how it works all my armies.