How I fell hopelessly into Titanicus

When Adeptus Titanicus was released in ¿2018? I refused playing in a new different scale. I was highly implicated in two costly scneries. As I see it, to collect and army and don’t make the associated scenery is like walk only half way, soy playing titanicus was totally out.

But, well, times pass, projects gets ended, or at least they reach acceptable milestones, and titanicus had a good fame as a game (oppossing others), and to have the right scale in which you can perceive the true nature of the conflicts in Warhammer 40.000. This, and the possibility of be running with imperial knights between a quartter scale buildings, made me be looking it, until a day I give it an chance.

A few factors came together. First, in titanicus there is the biggest hand to hand weapon in Rarhammer 40.000. Well, there exist bigger spaceships, but a chainsword that can split a building have something special for a swordfighter like me. So then a tournament was called in Madrid from the great organizer Mina from Goblintrader North, I bought the warmaster iconoclast.

Winning or lossing war irrelevant for me, and indeed I was so hurried that I even read the rulebook. The only important thing for me was to have iconoclast ready and painted. And some imperial knights too, bought for some euros in secondary market. Oh, and I was starting my gender transiction, so I thought it was a nice idea to paint the titan with the transgender colors.

That day I had the relaxed tournament experience I ever had. I only wanted to know the game and see other player titans, but I finally “won” two of three games. That was almost introdoctory games, what a nice guys there.

Then I start with my opinion on the thing I heard about titanicus.

“Is a great game, the best from GW”

Well, I don’t know. If this is right, then it is not a great thing anyway, GW cares negligently their game systems, so being “the best” is not so good either.

The game have some advantage with the alternated activation play, but still lacks with random initiative, and can be unbalancing in some circunstances, so I see titanicus as “another random play in this small painted toys fire others”, wich is funny.

Its noticeable that some game designer in GW is very thug, and he included in this game some of his soul. In titanicus happens crazy things with exploding mechs. A game can look controlled by a player, and after a chain of explosions, turn into something very differente.

It happened in the tournament. My iconoclast had bad luck in the relevant initiative chek, and a warlord with powerfist destroyed it. My titan wheeled firing and destroyed my acastus, but then he fell over the warlord, and then this one exploded and destroyed other enemy warlord.

Is this good? It is as it tells a story that can happen in war, but it started in a bad luck check with no decision from the players, and ended in uncontrolled destruction. I think it have no place in a competitive play.

“It is the right scale for understand Warhammer 40.000”

When I play traditional Warhammer 40.000, I feel the battle has little meaning. It covers a skirmish with units that don’t fit in the chain command of the lore and collective imagination.

In titanicus scale, four times smaller, we can cover distances that can explain better the goals in a campaign… and even don´t be enough. But at least you have the sensation that the troops you have in table are the only ones your faction has for the battle.

And, well, titans are slow and unmaneuverable giants of war, they have a command terminal in which you manage their damages (normal and critical) in three different positions, and in weapons, and void shield status, and reactor… it is great, you can feel your titans are big dangerous and unstable machines.

“Am I playing furgher?”

I left the tournament wishing to play more. Game is not enoughly good, but it is a fun wargame, you move your titans in a detailed way, and emerge interesant stories. So titanicus filled my expectations and I fell hopelessly into it. And what I have don since?

First, I completed my trans-house. I dont’t know how logical is to use the trans colors in a titanicus house, but I thing there are not a so-known colors, so I hope it won’t be a problema. So I bought the basic box, and some extra second hand cheap titans. Today I have eight titans, and I will stop there.

Then, I advanced with my Volgenscrold knight house. I did use the color scheme I use in Warhammer 40.000. I bought twelve cerastus. Not cheap, but still nice. I want some extra questoris, but they are out everywere.

Third, I did make a scenery. I used my textured contaminated desert from Volgenscrold. For the buildings, I have been trying with GW commercial ones, and with 3D printed.

“Do I recommend to play titanicus?”

Well, not to everygone. There are a lot of considerations. Total scale change, small selection of factions, not very clear if GW is going to stop the game…

But if you like the imperial – chaos conflict, don’t worried about a new scale, and some problems to get your miniatures… then it is great.

And that’s all for now. See us in next tournament, narrative event, or whatever. Now I have read the rulebook and bought campaign compedium.