Cyberpunk warrior with half-made character sheet

I have a half made character sheet. Iím sure my name is going to be ďValeriaĒ and my gender is going to be ďfemaleĒ, but I have doubts about almost everything else. Iím not exactly a blank canvas, but anyway I have a lot of options, as I donít have family responsibilitiesÖ or respÚnsibilities of any king indeed.

But lets go to the begining. The setting is cyberpunk. People pretend it is not, they say democracies are an importante part of the system, so every citizen has some control above what is happeningÖ but it is not like that, and I am not going to expend my time writing about this. The only things that makes the difference is the money, sister. With enought money, you can buy anything, if it exists.

Sure there is this global warming thing, the end of civilization, crazy wars for resources at your doorstepÖ but they have that absurd cyberpunk structure, with desertions by telegram, war streams in social networks, and extreme simultaneous consumism, so in some terms, the war is onlye another place on the setting. Anyway, I donít care a lot if the world does not endure as I donít need the character for more than a campaign. I donít think the game master will take me there, or Burundi, or places like thatÖ but the war can came to my face. Anything can happen.

I think the campaign will point more on urban places, a lot of big company stuff, computer security, spying, the dawn of AI, and that kind of things, but I have freedom to face the campaign in other places: I can perfectly take it all to a rural place that coexists with this crazy urban nightmare, or to merge both options.

Letís talk about my character herself. Although I am forty years old, I can start from scrap in some terms. To begin with, my family is death or despise me. I donít have a couple and donít want to have. My gender, name and identity changes help a lot in this ďrestartĒ, and although I have to sell my mothers home (and that is sad), I will give income so I can buy some options to start.

I take something from my old character, but not everyting is bad. I have good health, can run the marathon, dive fifty meters, lift heavy weights, and have long sword experience. None of this thinks are related to my job: technology. I can adapt myself to any aspect of technology without effort.

Sure I have some limitations. The following come to my mind.

No love stories, neither defend noble causes or fight against system. I had enought of these in my previous character, and I thing they are very frustrating plott because, even if they have a great story behind, you have little options to obtain anything.

There are abilities I donít want to learn. I can adapt myself to any high technology setting (and usually it is more than enough), but nowadays I thing I will never be good singing or playing guitar. Iím open to learn, but not to fight with an ability Iím not good at.

I donít want to travel a lot. Well, travelling is OK if it is mandatory in some session, but I donít want to drive a truck for years. Again, I had more than enought of driving in my previous character.

I donít know how much I want to renounce. For example, I like my warhammer stuff, but I would renounce if I get something nice en exchange. The swordfighting is not in the same situations, as it is one of the few things that inspires me.

And I things thatís all. The good thing in this process is I donít have to face it right now, neither in one only strike, but I shouldnít rest on my laurels either, because I donít have good vibes with the game master. If I let it decide, I will have shit adventures for sure, and then I will hate my character.

So I am open to suggestions. I have some money, three swords, skill, an all-terrain car, and a wig, and I know how to use all. I cant match the puzzle, perhaps I need another piece, or have to see the global picture.