It has been an interesting part of the journey, so here is my small photomontage of trans cyberpunk photography, which I title “Antagonist”, leaving what this implies to each individual's interpretation. A picture is worth a thousand words, isnt it? Well, that is the image, and words are not going to explain it, nor are they going to try. For me there are many pieces of information that I leave to myself, about the positive and the criticizable, and sometimes simply the fun or the inconsequential of my own existence and my decisions.

The rest of the words will simply deal with the process, which is not visible in the photo itself. And it is logically appropriate to thank @hadabicho, who not only carried out the two photography sessions and provided me with the color scheme, but has been and is a fundamental part of my transition process. Thank you, sister, for helping me live it and understand it as something fun.

The entire small project was carried out with free software tools, particularly the graphical editing was carried out in GIMP under Debian. It's not that I'm trying to say that the work is good, but I did it and I have no idea about these things, so it seems like a good time to point out that free software is wonderful.

A curious data: the photos actually are really close in time. So close that it would have benn taken in the same day if I had shaved, put on makeup, and changed my clothes, and they are as long as “almost a year old.”

I have been looking for the scenario for more time time, and I found it a bit by chance this week. I've always loved construction stations, aren't they deliciously cyberpunk? In the sense of how I have managed the times, I would say that it has been a relaxed project... on the other hand, there is no reason for me not to live it the way it happened.

I think I will continue. I liked the concept, and I see ways to make it bigger, merging not only several of my interests, but also the arts that I enjoy and sometimes practice as well.